The Big Jump: from photography to cinema - The Visual Experience
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The Big Jump: from photography to cinema

Here’s the workshop your been waiting for. A step-by-step course in entering the amazing (and amazingly complex!) world of DSRL Full HD Cinematography. If you’ve never before shot a film, here is your chance to make that Big Jump! We will help you understand not only the technical transition necessary to work with the moving image instead of the photographic one, but we will explore, through group vision and analysis, the cinematic language you will need to produce your own films. Take the Big Jump with us and you’ll never look back again!



We will start discussing and looking at recent works of cinema. We will discuss the transition from a photographic culture to a cinemagraphic one. Why imagery has changed and how the moving image differs substantially from the still image.


Morning – 
Cameras, equipment and technical requirements: how still photography becomes motion. Sequence organization and visual narration.

Afternoon – 
Post production and the narrative process. From NLE editing systems like Premier Pro to iPhones and i Movie, an introduction to how the editing process works and the basics in editing.

 – Hands-on shooting, camera movement, focus and subject movement, narrative continuity.

Afternoon – 
Audio, sounds and music: the difficulty in using audio.

What will be gained from this workshop:

This is the course which will clarify the basic elements necessary to produce DSRL video. We will discuss and work with the minimum equipment necessary to produce full professional video with an appropriate DSRL; from the use of camera stabilization to pull-focus, from lighting and exposure problems to manipulating subjects. It’s the best starting point for anyone wanting to make that Big Jump.