Revealing the Self: portraiture and representation - The Visual Experience
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Revealing the Self: portraiture and representation

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Who are we and who is our subject? This workshop is for anyone interested in creating portraits. From professional child portraiture to revealing the self in fine art projects, the question of how to create a strong and intense portrait is more complex than it seems. In this fascinating workshop, you will explore the meaning of identity along with the technical questions of how to achieve photographic intensity and clarity of vision in all of your future portraits. A must workshop for anyone at any level interested in representing men and women and all the nuances within!



Portraiture through history, from painting to photography. Elements of meaning and self will be diagnosed in order to better understand the in-depth work of portraiture. We will study photographers as diverse as August Sander, Yosuf Karsh, Paul Strand, Cindy Sherman, Richard Avedon, Diane Arbus and many many others who have influenced the way we perceive ourselves and others.



Morning – 
Technical preparation, physical analysis and objective difficulties. Lenses and lighting. Analysis of themes and personal approach to portraiture.

Afternoon – 
Continued shooting and personality development.

Morning – 
Drama, intensity, revelation and fiction in the construction of portraiture. Exercises and discussion on the creation of self.
 – Final analysis and critique.

What will be gained from this workshop:
A deeper understanding of the self and the representation of self. You will refine your portrait techniques with emphasis on the psychological approach necessary to create stunning portraiture which goes beyond the surface, creating character and personality.