Photoshop Phantasy: Creating your own world - The Visual Experience
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Photoshop Phantasy: Creating your own world

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Many photographers would like to let their fantasy loose and create their own world of surreal imagery. What’s lacking is someone to guide them through the perfection of Photoshop techniques which allow anyone to invent multiple-levels of reality that transcend even their own wildest dreams. With the help of a real Master in the surreal, your enthusiasm will take flight into a new world where you can mix the jungle with urban environments or put wings on worlds that fly through space. Step through the Looking Glass and enter the wild world of Photoshop Phantasy!



We will start exploring the basics of Photoshop for surreal imagery. Throughout the day, Bart Herreman will take each participant through practical exercises which will allow them to create fantastic imagery immediately. Bart’s simple approach will help anyone feel at home with the Photoshop interface. For those already expert in using Photoshop, this day will not be required.


Exploring ideas, creating collage. The preparation of basic imagery to be used in surreal collages. Ideas will be discussed starting from the paintings of the Belgian artist René Magritte through a contemporary approach to the surreal. 
Imagery selection and preparation, selection and extraction in Photoshop, levels and their mixture through masks and adjustment layers.


Morning – 
Retouching and inserting imagery into existing landscapes. You’ll dig into the subtle manipulations necessary to render your work completely convincing. 

 – Completion of workshop imagery, final discussion and analysis.

What will be gained from this workshop:

A fresh and exciting approach to using Photoshop to create surreal imagery. The direct approach of Bart Herreman will allow even the most unprepared beginner enter a world without limits of surreal proportions and unimaginable scenarios. For those already capable of using Photoshop, this workshop will excite your fantasy and encourage you to learn the basics of photo-montage for the surreal.