Nature's energy: the intimacy of personal landscapes - The Visual Experience
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Nature’s energy: the intimacy of personal landscapes


In this very personal and intimate workshop, Marianne Boutrit, photographer and teacher at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, will take you on field trips to look intensely at nature and the natural landscape in order to discover the reflections of one’s inner voice. Through exercises and critiques, Boutrit will help each individual explore one’s self through the observation and subsequent photography of nature. For all photographers interested in the landscape and nature itself, this is a mind-expanding workshop of the poetry in nature and it’s reflection of the self.



Vision of personal work, the exploration of Marianne Boutrit’s 20 year project in nature. Discussion of natural subjects through various emotional authors like Eugene Atget and Edward Weston to the cooler New Topographic photographs of Robert Adams and Lewis Baltz.


- Shooting in nature. Analysis of themes evoked and the creation of visual metaphor.

Afternoon – 
Continued shooting in nature


 -Shooting in nature inherent to personality development and the reflection of self. 

 – Discussion of work produced and final analysis of future thematic development


What will be gained from this workshop:

How to relate to nature and use natural subject matter in order to express inner feelings and conflicts. This workshop will help all those who are looking for a key to personal expression as well as enlarging the vision of those already working with the natural landscape.