Making Magic Happen: Photographic Fiction in Umbria - The Visual Experience
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Making Magic Happen: Photographic Fiction in Umbria

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In this fascinating and exciting workshop, Idit Greenberg, fashion photographer and teacher at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, will take you through a personal adventure with photography; teaching how to discover and create magic moments which transform reality into a photographic reality. This workshop requires patience, energy and the intense desire to discover one’s self and one’s personal voice which can shape and establish an individual style.


The first day will be spent in reading and discussing participant’s portfolios, participants should be prepared to present previous work preferably as prints, but digital portfolios will be accepted. We will discuss photographic fiction and its role in personal and professional photography. Visual story-telling will be analyzed and structured so that the participant will gain an immediate frame-work on which to develop his or her theme.

Idit09 - la chiesa
Idit10- vaporetto nella laguna
Idit20- mattina d'inverno all'passo
Idit32 - alberi e  nuvole - abatone

The second day we will start to explore the nearby (a natural and urban location which is the peculiarity of the Assisi area in Umbria) and begin to work photographically. A shooting theme will be established and developed for each participant as a visual narrative.

Wandering, tracing and investigating unknown scenery and surprise locations will be the method which will help you discover narratives and stories. We will intuitively follow the mysterious fatality which makes us choose, from a world of happenings, one specific instance and not another, learning how to use those fatalities to create a visual fiction.

Morning – Group discussion with projection of yesterdays ‘s work. Analysis of themes, visual literacy and developing story lines.
Afternoon – Continue thematic shooting indoors or outdoors

Morning – Continual thematic shooting indoors or outdoors
Afternoon – Development, presentation and conclusion of each narrative through group discussion.

What will be gained from this workshop:

Recognizing the various phases of visual narrative. Learning how to inquire, structure and investigate those places which have the strength to create fictional stories which impress our deepest emotions. Exploring feelings and sentiments in order to find a way to structure one’s visual narrative with a personal voice.