Light Reflections: how to use reflection as a principal light source - The Visual Experience
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Light Reflections: how to use reflection as a principal light source


All photographers think that lighting is a question of lights. But that is not always the case. Knowing how to manipulate light sources through reflections and transformations is at the heart of a creative lighting approach. In this workshop open to all, Marianne Boutrit will show how she has built her career using reflected light instead of light sources to create internationally renowned still-life advertising and an intense personal narrative. The workshop will be predominantly in studio but, weather permitting, may include location work as well.



Projection of images created through reflected light. Approaches and techniques will be discussed.

Morning – 
Reflecting studio lighting for special effects. Reflecting surfaces, angles, modifications and chromatic results.
Learning where to look for reflections and what light source to reflect.

Afternoon – 
Studio shooting: reflecting for mood and for accent.



 – On location with reflected light: the limits and possibilities of external reflections.

Afternoon – 
Analysis of work and projection.

What will be gained from this workshop:
A liberating experience for all those who love using light. Boutrit’s unorthodox approach will un-lock doors previously ignored in traditional lighting information. The intense hands-on approach will allow all participants to explore and perfect a flexible and exciting approach to light useful in all situations, both in studio as well as on-location.