Getting it on TV: basic video production - The Visual Experience
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Getting it on TV: basic video production

To get your idea from camera to Full HD screen, you need to understand the basics of producing a video with a DSLR. Whether you want to make your own fiction or work commercially on a videoclip or institutional video, you need to know the basics of Video Production. From the idea to the story-board, from the location scout to casting, from organizing a budget to the shooting plan, from necessary equipment and methods to the specifics of blocking, audio, production accessories and shooting. This is a beginner’s course so you don’t have to know anything to start. Getting it on screen is the first step that will change your life.


The complexity of video production, the crew, logistics and budget.
Morning – 
How ideas get on screen. Various approaches from the spontaneous (not really) to the story-board. Analysis of themes and techniques.

 – Organizing the shoot: what’s needed and what isn’t. Working on a shoe-string budget for Hollywood quality.


 – The shoot: we will work on various scenario where each participant will fulfill various roles in order to understand their value during a real shoot.

 – Shooting with crew.

What will be gained from this workshop:
Video production from a shoe-string indie short to a commercial video for a client, this workshop will help you avoid many mistakes that are hidden in the production process. You will leave knowing far more than you expected and understanding how really to get your idea on the screen without false illusions. Whether you’re an emerging indie director or interested in video-clips or corporate video, this workshop will set you straight on how to organize your work.