Developing your self through photography - The Visual Experience
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Developing your self through photography

The workshop will concentrate on a very personal approach to photography.The workshop will be a sort of open process. During this week we will share time investigating suggestive surroundings in situations with different light and different weather, having daily visual presentations, talking openly and gently about each others work. We will seek attentively for the essence around us as well as explore and connect with our inner life, being constantly exposed to various styles of photography from the past and present. Participants will have new insights expanding there own vision, establishing and defining what they really want to say and how.The class is open to anyone who has a good working knowledge of their camera and basic photo techniques – the emphasis will be on content and vision, not technique.


The first evening, on arrival, we will spend time together looking at each participants work and analyzing potentials and weaknesses.

We will start in the morning exploring our location and we will begin to take photographs. By reacting to our new surroundings, Idit will assign a theme to each participant as we learn how to wander and interact to our surroundings. By investigating unknown scenery, we will learn to intuitively follow what strikes us and what doesn’t. Through this kind of personal tracing, we will discover how our selves can be expressed in themes.


Morning – 
Group discussion with projection of yesterdays ‘s work. Analysis of themes and personal approach. 
Afternoon – 
Continued personal shooting


Morning – 
Reciprocal questioning and portrait shooting inherent to personality development.

Afternoon – 
Thematic shooting indoors

What will be gained from this workshop:
Learning the phases of a personal research process. Learning how to look for and investigate those places which touch our deepest emotions. Exploring feeling and sentiments to express oneself in photography with a personal voice.