Advanced Lighting Techniques for Professionals - The Visual Experience
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Advanced Lighting Techniques for Professionals

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In this Master Class of Professional Lighting, held by one of the most exciting and interesting photographers in Europe, you will explore the intricate magic of lighting. Whether propel or products, José Lascheras will guide you through his spontaneous use of lighting to create fascinating and eye-stopping images like the ones he publishes in Vogue, Vogue Italia and Harper’s for his various editorial and advertising clients. His relaxed and courteous attitude will change the way you work, opening up possibilities in lighting solutions you would never come across in traditional tutorials.


Discussion of personal portfolios.
Introduction to lighting techniques and tools. How to mix light and feelings.
Brief on lighting flexibility, light sources, lighting effects, lighting color and lighting methods. Standard and mixed lighting techniques and personalized approaches to understanding the role of light in the emotions of the viewer will be explored.

José’s hand-on approach will be applied to shooting on various sets, both indoor and outdoor, utilizing simple and complex lighting techniques with spontaneous modification in order to visualize personalized lighting effects. José will work on various situations as the group follows his method, enabling each participant to understand the spontaneous techniques which render his lighting special. Then, each participant will be asked to modify the lighting set in order to invoke new ideas and results.


  • Group discussions on the work produced, critique and suggestions.
  • Shooting on set where each participant will explore new possibilities in lighting suggested by the morning discussion.

Afternoon – Final critique, analysis of work completed, suggestions for future development.

What will be gained from this workshop:

The aim of the course is to liberate the photographer from standard lighting schemes by giving him the ground work needed to become flexible and inventive in the use of light.
Each photographer will understand various lighting sources, their limits and advantages and their practical use. The theory of spontaneous lighting will be discussed and shown, allowing each student to actually modify and create personalized lighting situations.