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The Perfect Print Two

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For those who already have acquired a working knowledge of the fine-art of digital printing, this is a workshop based on the more advanced choices and techniques required for excellence in the fine-art of archival digital printing. From informative lessons, practical perfection and actual printing on highly advanced equipment, you will discover how to refine your printing techniques. The excellence you will acquire in this workshop will show on every print you make.

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Advanced Lighting Techniques for Professionals

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In this Master Class of Professional Lighting, held by one of the most exciting and interesting photographers in Europe, you will explore the intricate magic of lighting. Whether propel or products, José Lascheras will guide you through his spontaneous use of lighting to create fascinating and eye-stopping images like the ones he publishes in Vogue, Vogue Italia and Harper’s for his various editorial and advertising clients. His relaxed and courteous attitude will change the way you work, opening up possibilities in lighting solutions you would never come across in traditional […]

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Professional Wedding Photography

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This is a professional course for Wedding Photographers or aspiring Wedding Photographers who want to markedly improve the quality of their work. All aspects of Wedding Photography will be discussed, from Client Relationships,  Lighting Techniques, Workflow and Planning to the publication of your work in book form or as an animated DVD. If you’re a Wedding Photographer but you need to jump ahead of the competition, here’s a serious workshop that could help change your career. And if you’re an aspiring Wedding Photographer, here’s where you can get the needed […]

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The Changing Profession

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There are many colleagues through the world who are a bit bewildered by the changes that have come to our professional as photographers. This workshop has been designed to confront most of those changes and help the participants understand how they can evolve with changing techniques and attitudes. We will discuss technical proficiency, the difficulties of overcoming the speed of continual changes in software and equipment, the psychological changes in client relations and the future prospects where success is to be found. This is a workshop for professionals aimed at […]

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