Visual Experience Photography Workshop in Sicily, Italy
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Location: Sicily, Italy      Dates: 22-25 August 2013      Price: €1.200,00

Other date for this workshop: June 2013

With the simplification of photographic equipment, becoming a photographer has become more complex.
Finding artistic or professional expression through photography has become a confusing adventure. Cameras and processes have become homogenized. Everyone is taking the same photograph. In focus, well exposed and well framed images are within the reach of anyone with a camera. It is more and more difficult to emerge, to have a vision, to have an identity.

With over twenty years of teaching experience, we have created a new foundation for teaching photography. We have based our workshops on visual knowledge and cultural understanding. From how to use your digital equipment to be more than an enlightened consumer to seeing into the depths of visual meaning, this workshop will give you a new foundation for creating imagery.
We want you to be an image-thinker as well as an image-maker.

Whether you’re a lover of photography who has rarely created images or a working pro needing to rethink his or her stylistic growth, our Visual Foundation Workshop is a perfect start. We want you to view technology not as an obstacle but as an expressive means of creation. We will couple our actions with in-depth analysis and semiotics, using them as keys of knowledge to help you grow.

To build you need a foundation. To create, you need one as well.

Our Visual Foundation Workshop, designed especially for photographers and advanced amateurs, is just that, a new foundation. Come and see how thinking and doing can change the way you do both and how you can bring new understanding to your photography.

Three full days to change the way you see and the way you understand imagery: daily informal meetings, lectures, shootings and analysis.


Massimo Cristaldi.


Massimo Cristaldi was born in Catania (Italy) in 1970. His professional career started in 1994. After receiving a degree in Geology, he began managing international research projects. Art is the environment he grew up in and photography was the way he set his creative side free. The driving concern of his work is focused on traces that man and time carve over nature and things, representing, in particular, effects and signs on “what remains”.
He has won various international and national awards such as the International Photography Awards 2008, 2009 and 2010, the B&W Spider Awards 2008 and 2009, the Photography Masters Cup 2008, the Travel Photographers Of the Year 2008 and the Prix de Photographie de Paris 2009.
Massimo is represented by Galleries in the USA, Belgium, France, UK and Italy. He lives and works both in Catania and Rome. Massimo’s photographs are part of the permanent collection of the George Eastman House, International museum of photography and Film in Rochester, NY (USA).


The workshop will take place in an old countryside “borgo” in Sicily, not far form Catania. In the Nature, to learn an also for a small, peculiar, holiday. Contact us to get more details on the workshop location.


What will be do in practice? We’ll be shooting (street, landscapes, details – we are located in a place where there are many photographic possibilities to develop a personal project), analyzing, thinking and reviewing. We’ll be talking more about concepts and less about techniques. We’ll be focusing on subject matters and projects statements rather then megapixels. This is supposed to help you developing a new vision and bring back to you a personal perspective of Sicily.


1.200,00 per person


You will sleep and eat at the Borgo. Accomodation is included in the price. Food and transfers are NOT included. Contact us for details on accommodation, transfers and other logistic amenities.

We will speak at this Workshop

Workshop in Italiano e in Inglese Workshop in English and in Italian

We expect an international audience. We will also speak Italian.


Aug, 22 – late afternoon, after 17.00 – Arrival at location welcome and overview

  • Themes and topics
  • Thinking Images
  • Producing fine images and projects

Aug, 23 – 1st day – Learning to see, going out with the tutors

  • Thinking an image
  • The importance of light
  • Understanding metering and creative choices
  • Subject isolation and use of perspectives
  • Recap and review/ images critique
  • Intro to basic post processing (based on Lightroom)

Aug, 24 – 2nd day – A photographic project

  • From one image to a project: the vision
  • Photography and storytelling
  • Defining a personal project: the style
  • Writing a project statement: image thinking
  • Developing a photographic Styile

Aug, 25 – 3rd day – 1 day out shooting my Sicily Project

  • Shooting the project: image making
  • Be aligned to the statement
  • Escape from it finding new subject matters
  • Putting the resulting photographs in a coherent series of 30 shots
  • Reviewing and discussing


The Visual Experience