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  • This website is for those who love imagery. We talk about imagery, create imagery, analyze images. But the real strength of our time together will be the depth of our discussion and the revelation of our vision through workshops and articles.
  • Photography is about seeing but it is also about thinking. How do we choose our subject matter, our project? How can we find our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses? How can we evolve visually?
  • The Visual Experience is a joint effort by a group of international professionals and fine art photographers, teachers and curators wishing to share their experience and knowledge about photography.

It’s amazing how many people use images every day without ever knowing the very basics about visual culture. It’s amazing how many people who use photography as a means of expressions never going beyond the things they like or simply repeat the things they see. In fact, when we speak, we use only words we are familiar with or have heard before. But that naturally limits our expression to what we already know. Nothing is wrong with any of that. How many people speak without being poets and how many people read and write without ever becoming aware of the power of literature? It’s normal. But for those who want to understand more about how visual languages work and, above all, how to use them in a more creative or even professional way, well, for those we’ve created The Visual Experience.

The Visual Experience is about becoming visual, or we might say, visually literate or visually profound.
It means, of course, understanding visual grammar and the visual vocabulary before trying to refine a phrase, as well as knowing how to care for the instruments which allow you to express yourself visually. The Visual Experience offers live workshops in English and in Italian, publishes articles on Thinking and Producing fine images.

The Visual Experience: Treat yourself to some real Visual understanding.

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