Massimo Cristaldi - The Visual Experience
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Massimo Cristaldi

Massimo Cristaldi was born in Catania (Italy) in 1970. His professional career started in 1994. After receiving a degree in Geology, he began managing international research projects. Art is the environment he grew up in and photography was the way he set his creative side free. The driving concern of his work is focused on traces that man and time carve over nature and things, representing, in particular, effects and signs on “what remains”.

He has won various international and national awards such as the International Photography Awards 2008, 2009 and 2010, the B&W Spider Awards 2008 and 2009, the Photography Masters Cup 2008, the Travel Photographers Of the Year 2008 and the Prix de Photographie de Paris 2009.

Massimo is represented by Galleries in the USA, Belgium, France, UK and Italy. He lives and works both in Catania and Rome. Massimo’s photographs are part of the permanent collection of the George Eastman House, International museum of photography and Film in Rochester, NY (USA).


We are living in a time of accelerated change. One of the unintended consequences of the technological revolution and globalization is the loss of wonder and curiosity as the world’s image bank is downsized into pixels of familiarity and uniformity. Particularly in the West, our towns, cities and suburban landscapes are all becoming one undifferentiated, monotonous sprawl. My interest is focused on depicting this transitional moment in which the past becomes a metaphor for the present. Like pentiment, the past fades but leaves behind its underlying traces. It is my passion to identify and document these fault lines between the past and the present.