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Night Photography Masterclass – The Magic of Night in Catania

May 1, 2016

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Location: Catania      Dates: 14-15 May 2016      Price: €250,00

Here’s a specialized workshop for those who love night-life and want to explore the mysteries that the night can offer. Not only will you learn all the techniques needed to deal with long-exposures and artificial street lighting as well as moon lighting, but you will also be introduced to the magic of shooting at night, with Master Instructor Massimo Cristaldi. You will start in the evening with a technical preparation and you will spend the whole night in a wonderful and mysterious procession of understanding and exploration. The second day is dedicated to the analysis of the photos taken in the first day, post-processing techniques to go from the RAW file to a finished, print ready, TIF.
The workshop is in Italian and in English for our international guests.

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14-15 May 2016


Class in Catania @ Sikanie. Shooting around the city and in the surroundings.

Your Master

Massimo Cristaldi


  1. First Day, from 15:00
    1. Depth of field and the night
    2. Obtaining the maximum definition for the hyperfocal distance
    3. Tilt Shift Lenses
    4. Focus Stacking
    5. Shooting on a Tripod
    6. ISO
    7. White balance and night photography: mixing lights
    8. Custom White Balance
    9. ETTR @ Night
  2. First day from 21:00: The Magic of Night
    1. How to face a night subject
    2. On a tripod around Catania
  3. Second day from 9:00 – Editing
    1. Editing of the photographs
    2. Critical Discussions on the photographs
    3. feedback, feelings, difficulties, questions
  4. Second day from 15:00 to 19:00 – Post processing
    1. From RAW to TIFF
    2. The best RAW processors – introduction to Camera Raw and Iridient Developer
    3. Introduction to color calibration
    4. Introduction to sharpening
    5. Layers and Masks in Photoshop
    6. Masks and Gradients in Lightroom
    7. Optimize a file for printing


Min 8 Max 12 – The price includes the inscription to the Centro di Arti VisiveSikanie.   

What you need

1 DSLR con 1 lens, better if fixed
1 Tripod
Your computer with Photoshop and Lightroom Installed

The Visual Experience