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Today I got on my physical mailbox two nice gifs. The annual collection of the magazine “Gente di Fotografia” and the book Medic, by Jennifer B Hudson, edited by Photolucida.
Now you may probably ask yourself the relationship, beside the fact that they arrived together, between some magazines and a book. There is, infact, a relationship. Not only because they’re both publications (phyisical paperworks) on photography. But simply because Gente di Fotografia is NOT a magazine: it’s a photography book published every three months. The selection of authors and content is remarkable (you may read an online preview here) and the magazione is practically ads free. But there is more. Gente di Fotografia is magnificent in terms of paper and print quality. Well, you may say that the fact that Italians are great printers is well known. But to find such a superb quality in a magazine is, frankly speaking, quite rare. My judgment comes not only from a comparison with similar publication and books, but expecially from the fact that, having had the pleasure to publish with Gente di Fotografia one of my most difficult works, from a chromatic perspective, I can say that their rendering of colors is at the edge of what is possible to expect from industrial printing. I should also add that from 2009, when I published SIMULACRA, things have also bettered: ticker paper, better binding. So, in comparison, the book “Medic”, interesting for the photographs it contains and as concept, “disappears” – in terms of print and quality – when compared to Gente di Fotografia.

If we add that Medic, 16×16 cm, 48 pages,  20 illustrations costs  40 USD, I can for sure conclude that Gente di Fotografia, 130 pages, 21x19cm, @ 14 Euro, is, between the two arrivals of today THE gift.

In this world too much digital, a subscription to Gente di Fotografia is certanely something to consider seriously, also to sustain an effort that, as I wrote above, is payed only by subscribers and nearly ads-free.

gente-di-fotografia-01 The annual collection of Gente di Fotografia



gente-di-fotografia-03 Joakim Eskildsen The roma journeys – number 50
gente-di-fotografia-05 Tomàs Munita – number 52


gente-di-fotografia-04 Gert Jochems – number 50


photolucida-01 Medic – Edited by Photolucida




Massimo Cristaldi

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