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Post Processing

Photoshop Phantasy: Creating your own world

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Many photographers would like to let their fantasy loose and create their own world of surreal imagery. What’s lacking is someone to guide them through the perfection of Photoshop techniques which allow anyone to invent multiple-levels of reality that transcend even their own wildest dreams.

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Exploring Post-Production

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So you understand the basics of Photoshop… now what? Here’s a course just for you. You will be led by experts through the exploration of the amazing potential of Photoshop to enrich your imagery to a professional level of competence. From the fine color tuning of your work through sophisticated masks which will allow you to modify zone by zone your images until the quality of the traditional Zone System is well within your reach both for black & white as well as color images (something impossible with traditional techniques). […]

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Understanding the Digital Darkroom

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Since the photo-chemical process of photography underwent it’s digital revolution, the darkroom has moved out of the dark. But the new white room inhabited by Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One Pro, Nikon Capture or Aperture, just to name the most prominent, is at a first glance quite a challenge. Our introductory course to the Digital Darkroom will take you through the basics of photographic post-production, giving you the skills and understanding necessary to move into the more complex necessities of photographic post-production.

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Creative Post-production

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Many of you, through hard work and passion, have arrived at a high level of understanding the possibilities that post-production in the digital world can offer. Now you can take that big step beyond into the refined use of extraordinary instruments fairly unknown to the world of amateurs. Our Creative course in post-production is led by a Master in the art and will leave you with inside tips and workflows on how to bring all your imagery to a global level of excellence.

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